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When you drive down the road, are you afraid you may be leaving pieces of your car behind you? Does your car make noises that draw the attention of every neighborhood dog? Does your car shake so much that you can’t see out of your rear view mirror? Do you even have a rear view mirror?

If you have decided it is time to invest in a newer, safer, and more fuel efficient vehicle, you may be looking at your old clunker and wondering who would ever buy it. Before paying the fee to dump your junk car at the local landfill, give us a call. We regularly buy old and broken down vehicles as part of our Cash For Junk Cars program.
You may be wondering why we would buy vehicles that are rusty or that don’t even run. At Cash For Cars Moreno Valley, we understand that environmentally friendly vehicles are the wave of the future and believe that even out dated vehicles should play a role in preserving our environment. This role lies in the responsible recycling of their steel, rubber, and plastic.

When we buy a junk vehicle, we make sure that the toxic fluids inside are disposed of correctly before moving on to the recycling process. Any parts that are working and undamaged are salvaged and sold second hand to people that need them. In landfills, the steel from cars causes a large amount of water pollution. If the car is recycled instead, the steel can be used to make new vehicles, keeping the cost of newer vehicles down and saving the resources that would have been used to make new steel. The rubber from tires is used to make basketball courts and side walks that are more durable. The plastic that is salvaged from car battery casings helps mitigate the effects that plastic manufacturing has on the environment. If you have a junk car sitting on your property, give us a call. You could be part of a program that makes a difference and could even make some cash in the process.

Does Your Car Qualify?

We are interested in vehicles that have serious external damage including: dents, scratches, flaking paint, and rust. Some junk cars also have interior damage such as staining or tearing. We are also interested in vehicles that have extensive engine trouble, that has resulted in their being unfixable or unsafe to drive.


"Selling a car to your company was surprisingly easy. I enjoyed dealing with you guys, and will definitely call you guys in the future."

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