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You live a life full of obligations, commitments, and responsibilities. Your free time is valuable and scarce. Our society is built on high pressure work environments that eat away at the parts of your life that really matter: family, hobbies, friends, et al. So, when you need to sell an item, often times you choose to sell it in the fastest way possible, allowing you to devote the free time you have to the things that are important to you. If you have clothes to sell, you don’t sell them piece by piece online. Instead, you take your clothes to second hand boutique store. If you need to sell furniture, you take it to a consignment store. If you need to sell household items, you take them to a pawn shop. Why do you sell your items to a company instead of privately, especially when you could make a small amount more selling them on your own? Because, companies can pay you on the spot and save you the time and effort of selling items yourself.

Why should selling your car be any different? If you chose to sell your car privately you may have months of hard work ahead of you. You will be writing up ads, taking photos of your car, and fielding questions from numerous potential buyers. Once you find one or more serious buyers, you will have to devote time to giving test drives and haggling over offers and counter offers. Unfortunately, in today’s used car market, finding a buyer for your used vehicle is no longer a sure thing. Is the amount of money you’ll make worth the countless hours you will be putting into the sale?

At Cash for Cars Moreno Valley, we can save you time and get you back to enjoying your free time. All of the hours that you would put into connecting with a potential buyer can be bridged with one easy phone call. We make substantial cash offers on almost every vehicle we are presented with. Best of all, we are conveniently located in Moreno Valley, which means that we can come to you. While other companies ask you to bring your vehicle to them or take weeks to coordinate a pick-up at your home, we have a fast turn around and can make sure the transaction is completed in days.

We are interested in a variety of cars that run the gamut from fairly new and clean to very old and no longer running.


"Selling a car to your company was surprisingly easy. I enjoyed dealing with you guys, and will definitely call you guys in the future."

Best, Michael